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Snacks, Soups and Salads | Cheese, Patatoes & Vegetables | Meat

vegi ovo-lakto-vegetabil


Goulash soup

↓ Barley soup vegi

Barley soup

↓ Tomato cream soup vegi

Tomato cream soup

↓ Asparagus cream soup vegi

Asparagus cream soup


↓ Green saladvegi

Green salade

↓ Mixed saladvegi

Mixte salade

↓ Large plate of mixed salad vegi

Mixed salade plate

Chicken salad with a garnish of mixed salad

↓ Sausage and cheese salad with a garnish of mixed salad

Sausage-cheese salade

Cold plates

Mixed cold meat plate à la «Stägerstübli»
Grindelwald dry meat plat (beef/pork)
Swiss air-dried bacon
Wafers of Swiss mountain cheese (Alp Sefinen) vegi

↓ Cheese portion (Alp Winteregg)vegi

Cheese plate


We're not sure whether Andy Warhol ever came to Mürren. The fact remains, however, that many celebrities rate Mürren precisely for the reason that nobody generally batters an eyelid toward them on the village street.

Honi soit qui mal y pense!